Friday, April 15, 2016

  Welcome to my newly revamped blog it has a brand-new domain name and on a new platform.  I want to thank everyone that has followed me from my old blog to this one.  I know that it has been a long period from when I shut down the previous one too launching this one.  But, I'm grateful for everyone that has taken this journey with me, and for those of you that are new to the blog welcome. 
For all of you out there just to recap this is a beauty, fashion and lifestyle, pop-culture blog.  But, you will also see post on TV (so much TV lol), movies, comics, BOOKS, cooking and everything tech related, and everything in-between.   Given to you though tutorials, DIYs, reviews, how-to's, stories, editorials, pic tutorials and more.  Showcasing products from high-end to more affordable products and everything in-between.  Letting you know about the latest releases, upcoming sales, coupons, VIP events so forth and so much more!   
 This is being brought to you by me SKY a beauty, fashion and lifestyle blogger/vlogger.  I'm always trying new things, learning and practicing new, old, basic and different techniques from skills I acquire.  I specialize in makeup, nails, fx/sfx makeup and now face painting.  So I look forward to giving you good content and keeping you informed and entertained.  As always Love Laughs Peace 💙😄✌SKY